Benecchi Ghost Thread


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  • 12/0
  • 60 denier
  • nylon wire
  • low elasticity

"This thread is very, very, very, fine indeed, and it is not really thread. Ghost Thread is one strand of fine clear monofilament. Imagine the lightest thinnest limpest tippet or leader material you ever tied to a fly – this is thinner.

Extremely fine multifilament thread and monofilament can do the same jobs – tiny flies delicate tying on small hooks. Sub 10/0 threads are no stronger than mono and their filaments are fragile; brush a hook-point or twist dubbing between dry rough finger and the strand frays. Ghost Thread and similar fine monos are tougher that way.

This thread is clear not white so it simply takes up the colour of the tying materials, to all intents it disappears, no need to colour or fuss. Whip finishing and hitching with very fine mono takes a little practice, the first few will probably snap, with a little practice and care knots are secure and lock with a dab of varnish or head cement."

As Reviewed in FlyFishing & FlyTying Magazine





Brand Bennechi/Like A River
Weight 0.007kg


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